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The Art of Being Divinely Human, Humanly Divine: Cellular Splendor

Show of hands, please: Raise ‘em up high if you love, love, love without exception, every inch of your body – yes, all of it. C’mon, raise them high. Yes, I can see you! Hmmm…ok … well, never mind… let’s move on.

Next: Raise ‘em up high if you accept your body with kindness and compassion when it is ill and therefore challenging you (slowing you down, having pain, making you change your plans…). Or do you speak to this body of yours in a string of rather nasty words, expressing in no u

ncertain terms your displeasure? Show of hands on the nasty words? Yeah, I thought so! Welcome to the human race.

Displeasure with our bodies is a common-denominator experience. We laugh at our perpetual thoughtlessness and then quickly move on to continue the same. Therein lies the problem. Maintaining but a single, superficial relationship with the body denies us of a rich, deep relationship with our own authentic individuality. Our bodies were designed to be master communicators of ALL that we are.

This is what I know. For nearly 30 years, I have had the honor of working with these gifts we inhabit, our bodies. For reasons beyond my initial understanding, I could “hear” the bodies tell me exactly what they needed. If I doubted them, which I did a lot in the beginning, they would then yell at me through a huge, imaginary parrot sitting on my left shoulder. He was annoyingly persistent and consistently led the work through an illogical protocol. But here’s the thing. When I followed, the results were spectacular.

I stopped questioning the information and jumped onto the ride, full intuition ablaze. I knew I was being taught. I grabbed on and have never looked back.

What I’ve learned has supported my personal soul’s evolution. I’ve learned to actively incorporate into my daily life an ongoing thread of conscious awareness. This allows me a greater array of choices in challenging moments, more profound peacefulness as I notice my contradictions, and a sense of humor when witnessing my own ridiculousness. In short, a freedom formerly nonexistent.

A number of practices have been the conduits for my learning. These include conscious breathing, movement, stillness, sound, and journaling, all outside the lines of our everyday patterns. This is what I do. This is how I live. This is what I share.

To learn more . . .

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