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The Truth about Aging

The truth is that we give up on our bodies long before our body even begins to give up on us! I’m always shocked when I hear someone in their forties claim that they’re getting old (WHAT?!?), that the aches and pains they’re feeling are just old age and they have to learn to accept them (Double WHAT?!? You must be joking!). Then they have to listen to my long-winded dissertation on why that is SO WRONG!

Luckily for you, my reader, I’m here on my back deck, surrounded by gorgeous hardwoods, listening to a gentle breeze and myriad birds. So I will share with you my quiet, backyard version of that dissertation (you’re welcome).

Here’s what I know:

In 26 years as a clinical massage therapist, I have never felt the cellular dynamic energy begin to diminish in a person before their mid-seventies. And for most, it’s much later. Years ago, I had a very dynamic client who started seeing me in her late eighties, with a frozen shoulder. Her dynamic energy was still very good, to the point where her body was able to assimilate the changes, bringing her shoulder back to full range of motion. I’ll admit it; I had my doubts when we started. Gotta say, I’m glad to be wrong!

Now I know that I don’t get to lay hands on everyone. Maybe it’s just that people who choose to devote time and money into caring for their bodies would inherently have more dynamic energy. I can’t say. Perhaps by making this choice they increase their dynamic energy. How, you ask? By choosing massage, our negative emotional imprints that we have integrated and evolved beyond, can be resolved physically, therefore increasing our vital cellular dynamic energy! Yes, this is a mouthful but very real . . . and that’s a different blog.

Just know that massage can increase this energy. And by the way, so does strengthening, stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, playing with your friends, inhaling wonder, singing, enjoying a quiet afternoon on the back deck writing a blog…

Invite joy, desire, intention and delight into the moments of your life. Engage with your heart to the point that you haven’t got the time to think about growing old!

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