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Schedule a Massage     770-838-1141

"Our weekly sessions not only help my circulation and flexibility, they touch

my heart and mind, as well. And from where I'm sitting, in a wheelchair,

nothing is more important."  Dee M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 


  • Initial  Session                     

      $100-150/up to 1.5 hr.

          In this extended session, we will:

  • Review the Initial Interview Form (Please download and bring completed form)

  • Answer all questions you may have

  • Still have a complete hour or more to work with body, maximizing results!

  • Massage                                  

      $100/1 hr.

           Follow up sessions are scheduled based on your ongoing needs

  • Authentic Body Session     

      $210/up to 1.5 hr.

This session’s primary focus is the emotional cellular body, which is accessed through your muscles — like a gentle massage. With this focus, the emotional imprints can be read; they actually have a voice! Interestingly, your true potential also has a voice.  In the end, you have a snapshot of what your spirit is calling for at this point in time. Plan on spending an hour and a half with me.

All massages are scheduled via phone calls or text (no emails, please!) to 770-838-1141

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