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It's All about the Body!

  That's where I come in — Welcome to your Authentic Body!

   It's about being comfortable in your physical body and

learning to embrace your Authentic You!

Body, this marvel we live in, is a cellular wonderland. Did you know, for example, that our cells remember our life experiences? Not like the stories we tell. Instead, the

body remembers with an emotional imprint.


That tender moment in the 7th grade, the melt-

down you had the day before your wedding,

that courageous moment when you first

spoke up for yourself, all produce an

imprint. Amazingly, that imprint

lives in our tiny little cells.

                  At the same time, every cell knows your

pure potential. Cheerleaders, every one of them! They stand firm and unwavering in their knowledge of your extraordinary talents. If only we could hook in and learn what they know.                                                              

Welcome to Your Body!

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